Books are always better than the… oh wait a minute! – Top 5 Saturday.

I love watching books I’ve loved come to the big screen. There is something magical about characters you’ve imagined and worlds you’ve traversed coming to life before your eyes, and if done well, they can become just as special to you as the book. There are some amazing and some truly terrible book-screen adaptations out there but i’m going to focus on my favourites, the ones who couldn’t have done more to stay true to the plot/characters etc from the book. In fact there’s even one of the below where I actually prefer the film! I know, sounds crazy but it’s true. What’s your favourite book adaptation? Or do you always prefer the book? Let me know in the comments.


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The Martian

I loved this book so much, so when I sat down and my dad put the film on I was a little hesitant. I needn’t have worried, the film managed to capture the voice of the book completely and had me in the same amount of tears and laughter as the book. A wonderful adaptation and they got the imagery of Mars down to a tee.

Jurassic Park

Ok so I love this fim, like really love it… in fact it makes my list for my favourite films of all time. So when I picked up the book in a charity shop around 20 years after watching the film for the first time I was hesitant.I didn’t want to it make me dislike the film, but I also didn’t want to not like the book because I love the film, Dilemma! Everything turned out fine though. Although there are significant differences between the book and the film, I think the fact I already loved the film made me understand the reasons for the changes and luckily I love both book and film equally.

Practical Magic

This is another book I read after watching the film, and another one I was wary of picking up. The book was as beautifully written as the film was acted and I loved delving more into the lives of the characters I loved from the film. A great adaptation.


Now this one, this one I actually prefer the film! Don’t shoot me… the book goes off on this weird tangent and the policeman’s wife has an affair with the scientist. It just didn’t add anything to the plot and I am SO glad they left it out of the film. I actually DNF the book because of that, but I adore the film sooo much.

Interview with a Vampire

My aunty gave me this when I was around 15 and though it gave me nightmares for a couple of months I absolutely loved the story, then I found out it was also a film, with Tom Cruise nonetheless … kind of an overrated actor in my opinion. However, the film was sublime and completely grasped the atmosphere and characters from the book.

So those are my top 5 book to screen adaptations. Would any of these make your list? Or do you disagree with any of my choices? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. I think films can sometimes be better than the book as they will streamline the action or bring out dramatic bits. One TV series I like more than the book is Christy, which plays up the love triangle and adds drama between the main character and the people she has moved to live among and teach. The book is more bland and there isn’t really any plot about how the mountain people might feel about an outsider coming in to tell them how to live.

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