2020 TBR Reading Challenge!

I was tagged by the lovely Danni over at For Books Sake to take part in the reading challenge and hopefully knock a few books off my TBR in the New Year. I tried something similar to this in 2019 but it kind of failed, so I’m hoping that actually choosing one book for one prompt will give me a bit more motivation to complete it. There is one I struggled finding books on my TBR to match with, so for that one I’m hoping you can help me with some recommendations. This challenge was created by Mina over at stacked!

The Rules:

  • Pick a novel for each of the 22 TBR prompts. If that’s too much for you, it’s OK to go for less. However…
  • Those who finish all 22 prompts and post their reviews on their blogs/vlogs have a chance to win a book of their choice as a reward! (International, as long as Book Depository ships to your country)
  • You can’t start reading those books before January 1st!
  • Follow the creators Twitter account as she will create a blog hopping sheet (when the challenge begins) where you can leave your links. Also, to make it easier for her to keep up, please use #2020TBRReadingChallenge tag.
  • Thank the person that tagged you
  • Tag the original challenge page (this one)
  • Tag at least 5 people

A 2020 Release

I adored Crown of Feathers when I read it earlier in the year and am super eager to get my hands on a copy of this!

Book Published in the year you were born

1989 really didn’t have that many book releases that I would be interested in reading. I may have to skip this one, or if there were any books you can recommend that were published in that year let me know!

Novel that will get a movie adaptation in 2020

I have heard some amazing things about this book, and it was only when I googled 2020 book to screen adaptations that I realised it was being made into a film.

Friend recommendation

I know Susan, I know! I’ll get round to it soon I promise, especially now the whole series has been released.

A book you can read in a day

I flew through Kiran’s The Deathless Girls a few months ago, and this one has been on my TBR for a while now. It’s only teeny tiny so I should easily get through this in a day.

Book originally written in a foreign language

I was hoping to read these before the Netflix series released, but that ship has sailed. I’m still determined to pick them up though because the book is always better.

Book by a dead author

I actually started this one a few years ago and then put it down, I have no idea why because I remember enjoying it. I have a few of his books on my TBR but I am determined to pick this one up again.

Novel that was banned

It’s been a good two years since I picked these up, which is a record for me, so it’s about time I did a re-read of one of my all time favourite series.

NYT bestseller

I actually DNF The Night Circus, but the premise of this sounds right up my street, and after all the raving reviews I have high hopes.

Booker prize winning book

Ok! So I slightly cheated with this one and went with a book by a Booker winning author, but I’m dying to pick this one up!

Book by a nobel prize winner

This has been on my TBR for years now. I originally got it for 99p on my Kindle and its just been sat there, waiting for me to pick it up.

Goodreads Winner

Another one I’ve been meaning to pick up for a while now. My main problem is i’m a huge mood reader, and this is a book I just know I’m going to have to give all my attention too.

Book from the Rory Gilmore Challenge

I bought this after meeting Katherine Arden and her recommending it for people who wanted to get some more depth into Russian Folklore. I also couldn’t resist that cover! Excited to finally get round to reading this one.

Book with one word title

This one definitely sounds intriguing & it will help me knock down some of the book box book’s that I desperately need to pick up.

Book over 500 pages

I really really want to read this series, but I’m having a hard time being willing to give myself the kind of time it will take to get through. At around 1000 pages per book I’ll definitely need to schedule out a good chunk of time.

Books set in different continents

I bought this from Golden Hare Books on my Trip to Scotland in September. You know me and reading about other cultures folklore…I’m a sucker for it.

Book set in your home country/state

Pendle Hill is around 30 mins away from where I live and we grew up with stories about the Witch Trials. We even had a school trip there.

Book Trilogy

I know I will love this series, but I think that that hype is one of the things holding me back from picking it up. I already own the first two books though so I am good to go.

YA Book

This is another book box read I will be able to get through. I love Anastasia and am definitely intrigued by the plot for this one.

Historical Book

I will finally get round to reading this after having it on my shelf for ages. I’ve heard it’s a bit of a tear jerker so I will be sure to have tissues prepared.

Fantasy Book

I have heard some amazing things regarding this book and I have to admit that the premise sounds really intriguing. Another book that’s been sat gathering dust on my shelf for too long.

A Classic

I’ve read my fair share of Vampire books but never managed to get round to the original. I’ve been meaning to pick this one up for a while… I just might not be reading it before I go to bed.

Whew! That was slightly stressful to do. These are all books from my TBR that I’ve been dying to pick up and hopefully this will give me the kick I need to read them. I’m not specifically going to tag anyone but PLEASE feel free to take part, if like me you have a ridiculous amount of backlog books, or even if you simply fancy the challenge.


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  1. You have a GREAT year of reading ahead of you, looking at these picks! Several are on my own TBR as well–I really need to read Circe this year I think. Good luck with the challenge and happy reading!

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