Winter TBR! Top Ten Tuesday

Ok! So I may have gotten ahead of myself & signed up for 4 blog tours in the new year and requested a few early 2020 reads off Netgalley, so my TBR for the minute consists mainly of ARC’s. There are, however, a few 2019 titles that I would love to get round to reading before the end of the year… but we will see if that happens. I only need 2 books to finish my Goodreads reading challenge, but I’m hoping I’ll manage to read a few more than that this month.

Top Ten Tuesday is run by Jana over at That Artsy Reader Girl and you should definitely go give her blog some love.

Highfire – Eoin Colfer

A vodka drinking, flashdance loving Dragon… that is pretty much all it took to get me to request this book, but luckily the rest of the premise sounds just as quirky. I think I read one or two Artemis Fowl books as a child, but I couldn’t resist taking the chance to read his first adult Fantasy.

Spell hacker – M.K. England

I still have The Disasters on my shelf waiting to be read… I know! But, luckily for me this is a standalone so I won’t need to pick disasters up first. This one sounds just as good as the first though, full of magical plagues, greedy corporations who control the use of magic and illegal magic syphoning. I can see where this story is heading and I am here for it.

Starsight – Brandon Sanderson

This just arrived on my doorstep the other day and it took all my self control to not ditch my current read and pick this one up instead. I LOVED Skyward, and couldn’t wait to get the chance to carry on with Spensa’s story. Especially after the ending of the first book. If I manage to get through some of my 2020 ARC’s over the coming weeks, this might just be my christmas present to myself.

Given – Nandi Taylor

I’m part of the FFBC blog tour for this one, because, you know… Dragons. But not just Dragons, no Dragons who shapeshift into ridiculously attractive, if not slightly infuriating men! I can imagine all the shenanigans that might unfold in this book and I cannot wait to start it.

There will come a darkness – Katy Rose Pool

Susan over at NovelLives has been pestering me to read this one for a while, and I absolutely trust her judgement, it’s just I have so little time. The premise gives me slight SOC vibes, and I am all for a literary gang with loose morals. I definitely intend to pick this one up asap.

The sisters Grimm – Menna Van Pragg

Once upon a time, a demon who desired earthly domination fathered an army of dark daughters to help him corrupt humanity . . . ” Ohohoho I am so looking forward to starting this one… just look at that cover! Full of love, mystery and magic and described as a mash up between Victoria Schwab and Neil Gaiman, I mean come on… how could I resist.

Wicked as you wish – Run Chupeco

I read The Never Tilting World earlier this year and fell in love with Chupeco’s writing style. She writes some amazingly immersive worlds, with some truly believable and lovable characters. This one is full of magic and ancient folklore and I am dying to start it.

Monstrous heart – Claire Mckenna

As soon as this was described as perfect for fans of the Binding I just knew I had to request it. Goodreads calls it epic, gothic, romance, fantasy… pretty much all the things I love in a book. It has had some mixed reviews but I am more that willing to give it a chance.

Unspoken name – A.K. Larkwood

A girl who turns away from her destiny, vengeful Gods, powerful mages… what more can you want in a book. I was fortunate to get this via a trade on Twitter and I cannot wait to start this one.

Capturing the Devil – Kerri Maniscalco

I know I’ve said this before but I am so sad this series has ended, and that’s one of the main reasons for me putting off reading the final installment. I have loved these books way more than I anticipated and will definitely have a teary send off for Audrey-Rose and Thomas.

So that’s my Winter TBR. 10 might be a bit of a pipe dream with it coming up to the Holidays and I turn 30 on the 30th of December 🤦, so I might have a slightly hectic month. What is the one book you really want to pick up before the end of the year? Let me know in the comments!


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  1. Some of these sound great! Love the premise of the first one (sounds really quirky, as you’ve said!) and also very intrigued by the cover of Monstrous Heart.

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  2. Thank you. Haha yea I’m definitely intrigued by High Fire and need to pick it up ASAP for a blog you.

    Also monstrous heart cover is gorge! 😍(in fact most of them are) and I am a sucker for a pretty cover, but it was the plot that actually intrigued me with that one and although I’ve seen some mixed reviews I’m excited to start it 😊


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