The ‘I Should have read that book’ tag!

Hello fellow booksworms. I was tagged by the lovely ForBooksSake to do this fun Tag and you should definitely go and check her blog out because she posts some great content! This tag was created by the amazing Beth @ Books Nest.

Here are the rules!

  • Thank the person who tagged you and link back to their post
  • Link to the creator’s blog (booksnest.co.uk) in your post
  • Answer the questions below
  • Tag 10 others to take part

A Book that a certain friend is always telling you to read

So Susan over at NovelLives doesn’t keep pestering me to read this, but I know she loves the series, and her reviews are one of the main reasons I have this on my TBR to begin with. You should definitely go and check her blog out because she posts my favourite reviews ever and has some great bookish content.

A Book that’s been on your TBR forever and you still haven’t picked it up.

This one is really annoying because I just know I will love it, but between blog tours and getting my Netgalley % back up to scratch I just haven’t found the time recently. I actually have a few of his series on my TBR but this one sounds right up my street.

A Book in a series you’ve started but haven’t got round to finishing yet.

I read this soooo long ago that I would definitely have to give it a re-read before I picked up any more books in the series. I do remember liking it, so i’m unsure why I didn’t pick up the next book, but after hearing the emotional turmoil the Author has put her readers through I’m kind of glad I can read them all in one go now.

A Classic you’ve always liked the sound of but never actually read

I read Interview with a Vampire a few years back and absolutely loved it, and I’ve always had a kind of fascination with creatures of the night, so this is one I have been meaning to pick up for a while now.

A Popular book that it seems everyone but you has read

I’m sure I will love this series, I flew through Aurora Rising and have been a Jay Kristoff fan for a while now, but I think I’m just afraid it won’t live up to the hype. I don’t think I’ll have the chance to pick this one up before the end of the year, but seeing as I’ve asked for the rest of the series for Christmas I should probably pick it up soon.

A book that inspired a film/tv adaptation that you really love, but you just haven’t read it yet

I’ve pretty much loved every adaptation of this I’ve ever seen and I am sooo excited for the Greta Gerwig version that will be released this Christmas. I don’t actually own a copy of this, which is probably why I have never picked it up but if I’ve loved the film/tv series I’m sure I would enjoy the book more.

A book you see all over instagram but haven’t picked up yet

This was everywhere I looked on Instagram when it was released and for a while after. A friend of mine managed to get hold of a copy for me and it is one of the books I’m intending to pick up before the end of the year, but we will see how that goes. Full to the brim of quirky characters with questionable morals… I can’t wait to start it. This is another one that Susan keeps telling me to read… I’ll get to it I promise!

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  1. Scythe is so good! I hope you will read it some day! I reall y need to pick up read sister and an amber in the ashes!


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  2. You must have read my mind because I basically just did this tag under a different name Saturdag and tagged you in it because of 13th tale. What have we done to each other???

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