Things I’m thankful for! Top Ten Tuesday

There are lots of things that I am thankful for in my life. That I have a roof over my head, a full time and secure job, that I live in a Country where I am not seen as less or treated too differently from anybody else. There are sooo many things in this world to be thankful for and coming up to the Christmas season I always find myself putting my life into perspective. I may have bad days, but with all of the above, I can honestly say that I am truly lucky. This weeks Top Ten Tuesday is all about things we are thankful for, and i’m going to focus on my top three.

Top Ten Tuesday is run by Jana over at That Artsy Reader Girl and you should definitely go give her blog some love.

Being included in the blogging world

I was super nervous when I first decided to start my blog. I thought I might be too old, that people wouldn’t want to hear my perspectives on predominantly YA book, that I wouldn’t find many friends and that because of those things I simply wouldn’t blogging. I needn’t have worried. Not only are book bloggers some of the most supportive people out there, but I have made some truly amazing bookish friends through Twitter and my blog. I have never had a shortage of people to talk too, ask advice or simply gush about the latest book I read, and I am honestly so thankful for you all!

The Write Reads

Blog Tours were things I had seen around, and couldn’t for the life of me get on one. They seemed like a thing of the far far distant future, and then I found Dave and The Write Reads. Hugely supportive and gave me what I felt was almost my first step in the door. I’ve managed to get my hands on some amazing books though this awesome group, and made some wonderful friendships. Dave and the gang’s main purpose is to support book bloggers, both old and new and they do it with ease. Until I joined this amazing group I felt a bit of an outsider in the blogging community but they helped me develop not only my blog but my bookish relationships.

I’m also super excited for @BBNYA. You may have seen it being posted around Twitter, and if not make sure you check the page out. Just another way that Dave is showing his ability to push and support us bloggers at the same time.

Being supported by my friends & family

I kind of started my blog without telling anyone I was going to do it. I didn’t want the added pressure, and felt the need to see if I could go anywhere with it before I spread the word. It was around a month in, when I realised I truly enjoyed this that I started telling people and, luckily for me, the response was overwhelmingly positive. All of my friends subscribed and started reading my posts, one even created an account so she could comment on my first year anniversary post. My family, knowing how I can be, were supportive, but didn’t start reading/asking questions until they had asked my permission and now ask for regular follower updates.

A funny note on this is that my Grandma kept asking my sister what type of books I reviewed because her brothers kept asking her, my lovely little sister told her that I reviewed ‘adult novels’ and my Nan didn’t even bat an eyelid… not sure what that says about me 😂. But what it did make me realise is that my family would support me no matter what, even my Irish catholic Nan believing I reviewed soft porn!

So those are the three main things I am thankful for. But these aren’t little things, and without these I’m not sure I would want to or could continue to be a blogger… So thank you!


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  1. Becky, the book bloggers support all of us and our age really doesn’t matter, it’s our love of books. I’m 62 years old. I thought I would be too old to fit in, but the bloggers never asked me my age, they just read my reviews. That’s the way it goes. My following has built up over time to more than I ever expected and I’m happy with it. I read a bit of almost everything. Well, no horror or true crime. Nothing with child or animal abuse. I usually say I like thrills, but not chills. I get books from NetGalley and Edelweiss as well as straight from some authors and some publishing reps. It’s rather thrilling to get your first request from a published author asking for a review, especially when it’s a rather big name. But then you find out that all authors love to get reviews of their books and all bloggers love to talk about the books they’ve read, so it’s a very chatty and friendly community. With each added follower is a chance to make another friend. I find that the more I reach out, the more they reach back. If you’re open, the other bloggers are open, too. Read their blogs and make comments. Leave cute emojis and soon you’ll be seeing friendly comments coming right back at you. Hope this helps you feel more a part of the book blogging community here on WP.
    Judi at a thoughtful reveal

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