Favourite Bookmarks! Top Ten Tuesday

Until recently I was horrendous at using an actual bookmark to mark my place in books. I would use old receipts, random bits of paper, envelopes… literally anything other than what I was meant to use. But then I started subscribing to bookish boxes filled to the brim with amazing goodies including ‘Drum roll please’ Bookmarks. Whether they were Woodmarks *swoon* #style ones or simple ones featuring quotes/artwork from specific books, I know have a serious problem. My last count was around 72 I think? But they’re all so pretty, and I mean there are worse things to be addicted too right? The ones I’ve included in this post are some of my favourites, most of these are from book subscription boxes but there are some I treated myself to and one I was bought as a Christmas present. Do you all use bookmarks? Or are you like I was and use whatever scraps of paper you can find?

Top Ten Tuesday is run by Jana over at That Artsy Reader Girl and you should definitely go give her blog some love.

These 6 are probably my all time favourites, with quotes from some of my favourite series including Six of Crows, the Grishaverse, Game of thrones and Warcross. As well as a beautiful Lord of the Rings style leather bookmark a friend got my for Christmas last year. I think its the beautiful designs and the amazing artwork that make these first choice picks for me. Three of the Woodmarks in the picture were designed by Ink and Wonder, and my only saving grace is that international shipping is so expensive otherwise I would have way more.

These four I treated myself too. The two on the left I got from a book subscription sale and the two on the right I got from an amazing Etsy shop called The Tsundoku Chronicles and Neelam doesn’t just create awesome bookmarks, she also paints awesome sprayed edge designs onto books. Honestly they are beautiful and I highly recommend you go check out her shop.

Ok! So those are my top ten favourite bookmarks, although I love all 72 of them. Do you have bookmarks that you always pick first? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. I own so many bookmarks, that I literally struggle to pick one! I actually make and sell bookmarks on etsy: etsy.com/uk/shop/forbookssakedesign 🙂
    I really love corner bookmarks though!

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