Four Favourite Harry Potter Spells – Blogtober

Harry Potter has always held a special place in my heart. Though I have been a reader from a very early age, Harry Potter was the series that really MADE me a reader. I flew through these books at record speed, desperately needing to know the outcome. I cried with the characters, laughed with the characters, got angry and scared right along side them. This was the first series I ever felt, and I have loved it ever since. They are also special because my Nan has bought me every single Harry Potter book, she still buys me them now even though I’m nearly 30. It’s something I will have to remember her by once shes gone and I will be forever grateful for that.

One of the things that makes Harry Potter so magical are all the wonderful spells that Rowling created. There are ones for menial tasks such as opening locked doors, turning on/off a light, and there are slightly more sinister ones to control someones mind/actions and to cause grave pain as well as death. All these spells added to the wonder these books create and I’m going to tell you about my favourite 4.

This is another prompt I have taken off Haf and Anneiks wonderfully spooky Blogtober challenge which you can find here.


This is probably the most famous spell to come out of Harry Potter, and I still see kids to this day going round with sticks shouting it. Definitely a handy spell to know in a fight, and I like that its defensive rather than full on attack.


I was terrified of the dark as a kid and this spell would have come in super handy.


I am literally always loosing things, my keys, my phone, my book! This spell would be THE handiest to know and be able to use. (And yes I know the GIF is for Wingardium Leviosa but seriously… try finding an Accio Gif!)

Expecto Patronum

Haha! I know its a bad gif but I just couldn’t resist. I love this spell, I like the idea of you banishing the darkness with light. And when you find out that the Dementors represented Rowling’s depression it makes it all the more special.

So that’s my top 4 spells. Would any of these make your list? Or do you have others that you prefer? Let me know in the comments.


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