Are you ready for sweater weather? The Autumn Tag!

I’m definitely feeling those Autumn vibes in the North of England. The days are getting darker, and it’s definitely become sweater (if not jacket) weather. I was tagged in this post by the lovely Nen & Jen and you should definitely check their blog out because they create some fantastic content.

The tag and graphics were created by Jenn @ Jenniely and they are absolutely gorgeous!

Hot Chocolate – What is your comfort book?

A comfort book for me is something that cheers you up, warms your cockles. So I would have to say anything by Jill Mansell, but especially Sheer Mischief and Rumour Has It. These are Rom-com’s in book format, really easy reads but they never fail to get a few laughs out of me, and sometime a few tears.

Pumpkin carving – What is your favourite creative outlet?

I love blogging, and find it massively relaxing most of the time. But I also enjoy singing, when I’m doing the dishes, in the car, in the shower. It never fails to make me feel better.

Falling leaves – changes that appear bad but you secretly love

Hmmm! This is a hard one. Maybe a enemies – friends – lovers relationship on books. Something that looks like its heading one way and then does a complete u-turn.

Pumpkin Spiced Latte – Something you love that others tend to judge

I am a huge Sci-Fi TV nerd, and I am forever getting the mick taken out of my by my family. I’m talking Stargate SG1, Star Trek (Voyager obviously) and The X Files.

Bonfire Night – What makes you explode with joy?

This is going to sound really cheesy but meeting up with friends I haven’t seen in ages. A lot of my friends live an hour away or more, so when we get the chance to catch up its just the best.

Fright Night – Favourite scary book or film

Well I am a huge wimp… I mean like HUGE. So scary films and books are a no-go area. Probably the scariest film I’ve seen that I actually enjoyed… Jaws? Lake Placid. Dont laugh! I know I’m the worst.

Halloween Candy – Favourite thing to eat?

Oooh! Cuisine: Italian, Chocolate: Galaxy, Sweets: Jelly Tots. I am a foodie, but possibly my favourite thing to eat this time of year is a Roast Dinner.

Scarves – Your Autumn ‘must have’ accessory

Probably Scarves or Gloves. I work nights so its a wee bit chilly when I’m travelling home at 4am.

Fire – A book or film that burns your soul

In a good way? Possibly The Winter of the Witch. That book hit me in all the feels… and the bath house scene *swoon*

Toffee Apples – A book or film that seems one thing but really has a different inside

I recently finished Sisters of Shadow and Light and it was completely different from what I expected it to be. In a good way though.

I’m going to Tag:

Novel Lives

Evelyn Reads



And as always feel free to take part if you haven’t been tagged!

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  1. Thank you for the tag! This is a creative one and I’m building up a bank of them. All your beautiful faces /avatars are the screen of my phone to schedule out for the days I’m driving and unpacking between st Louis to Colorado!

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