WWW Wednesday!

WWW Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Sam over on Taking on a World of Words.

The idea is pretty simple, every week you dedicate a post to the three W’s:

What are you currently reading?

What have you just finished reading?

What are you going to read next?

I am so close to being on top of my upcoming releases/ARCS I need to read! This is great for me as it means I can pick up some books that I have been dying to read… Illuminae maybe? *cough* *cough* Susan. Also Darkdawn because I need to read it before I read any spoilers. I’ve been on days for a few weeks at work (usually a night worker) and its incredible how much more productive I am. What is one book that if you could just drop everything and pick it up you would? Let me know in the comments.

What are you currently reading?

This has been an anticipated read for me ever since it was announced. The premise just sounds so intriguing and I have read some raving reviews for it. I’ve not actually started this one yet, but it’s at home on my bookshelf waiting to be picked up once I finish work.

What have you just finished reading?

I did not expect this book to be as good as it was. A story full of magic and sisterly love, I was swept away by the world and character that Larson creates. I’m on the FFBC blog tour for this enchanting read so keep you eyes peeled on the 02.11 when my post is scheduled.

What are you going to read next?

I am beyond excited to start this one! Look at the cover!! The story of King Arthur told from the perspective of my favourite character Guinevere, and she has magic. I have been seriously so desperate to get my hands on this so thank you to the amazing person on twitter who gave me the chance to read it early.

What are you all reading on this slightly miserable Wednesday? (weather wise.)Let me know in the comments.


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  1. I should be done with GD and then moving kicked in. When good things conflict with getting things done.

    I want to hear about what you are currently reading because I have waived big time about whether to request it.

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  2. Well! I enjoyed it. Thought it was a really fresh idea and there are some interesting characters (including a 19th venture writer). It flowed really easily, and though there was romance I didn’t feel it was overly heavy & nothing really happened until right at the end of the book 😊.

    Also finished GD & I loved it 😍


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