First Lines Friday!

Hi Guys! What are all your plans for the weekend? After a long and slightly boring week in work I’m looking forward to a chilled out weekend catching up on my Reading and watching the Rugby.

This week I’ve chosen to focus on one of my ‘guilty pleasure’ series. I absolutely flew through these books when I first picked them up, and have read them multiple times along with the follow on series. Full of romance, action and some spectacularly snarky characters, this is one of those series that I just couldn’t help but love.

I felt her fear before I heard her screams.

Well? Intriguing enough for you? Ready to find out what it is???

I LOVE this series. Rose and Dimitri are my OTP and I flew through this whole series in a matter of weeks. I would also recommend her follow on series Bloodlines… seriously guys these books are good! Have you read these yet? Let me know your thoughts.


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