First Lines Friday!

Hi Guys! I am having such a chilled and relaxed week. My holiday in Scotland is exactly what I needed, driving through the wonder that is Glencoe & heading up Ben Nevis. I truly love the beauty of this country, and I honestly don’t want to come home!

This week I’ve chosen to focus on a debut I got the chance to read this year, that absolutely blew my mind. Full of magic and mystery, and some great disability rep. I was amazed this was the authors first book, and will be eagerly picking up anything else she writes.

Rather inconveniently, I happened to be invisible on that day. I hate invisibility. All the optical conjuration spells give me a headache and a sore throat – I think it’s because you have to swallow the runes – but invisibility is the worst.

Sounds good right? Are you reads to find out what it is???

This is such a good book! With a wondrously fresh magic system, a snarky and witty protagonist, and a beautifully built world. I flew through the pages, and am eagerly awaiting the next book!

6 thoughts on “First Lines Friday!”

      1. Who ever does want to come back from one? I went to a winery over labor day two years ago. I wish I’d never had come back. I had everything I’d ever wanted that weekend.

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