A Different Time by Michael K. Hill – The Write Reads Blog Tour!

The write reads is such a fun & supportive group to be a part of. So when I saw they were running yet another Blog Tour, I jumped at the chance to sign up. Though the book isn’t a genre I would normally read, the fact is was described as similar to The Lake House meant I definitely wanted the chance to try the novel. So I have decided to do a review of the first few chapters. Does the book intrigue me? How do I find the characters? Do I like the authors writing style? I am a huge believer in the first few chapters being a good example of whether I will enjoy the rest of the book, so If you want the answer to the above questions and more keep reading!

Beginning as a sketch comedy writer for American television, Michael K. Hill progressed to become an internationally published writer of fiction and non-fiction. His short story anthology, Anasi and Beyond, published in 2017, and his debut novel, A Different Time, is available now. He lives in Connecticut with his wife, kids, and 7 rescued animals.

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I was unsure when I started this as it’s not a genre that I usually pick up but I was hooked from the Prologue alone! Though this will only be a first chapter review I will definitely be picking up the rest of the book at some point.

The book starts focusing on Keith as a child, on holiday with his parents and on his way to a comic shop to pick something for his birthday. An accident occurs and he is saved by a woman he vaguely recognises – will she become more prevelant in the book? I feel yes, because she definitely made an impact even though only included for a few paragraphs.

The story then jumps quite a few years and we see Keith as an adult, on the hunt at his local market for the last comic book in a series he has been trying to complete for years. What he finds is an old camcorder tape marked number 3 that peaks his interest and ours as the reader- who does it belong too? Will it have anything to do with the woman in the prologue, or someone completely different?

The writing style was easy going, and I flew through the prologue and first chapter in a matter of minutes. Though we don’t learn much about Keith as a character I still found him likeable, and would be interested in following his story further. Considering this isn’t a genre I would normally pick up I can see myself being converted by A Different Time. The prologue really grips you as a reader, making you want to dive into the story straight away and I can see this being an enjoyable and easy read.

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