Book Besties! – Top Ten Tuesday

Hello fellow bookworms! One thing that most bookworms can say we have in common is out ability to get slightly too attached to literary characters. Whether its falling in love with a hero/heroine or finding that one/group of characters that you just know would make awesome friends. With being quite a sarcastic person, prone to making (sometimes inappropriate jokes) and a little witty…even if I do say so myself, I find myself bonding with similar characters, those that make me laugh out loud, don’t back down from fights, and are loyal to the core.

This weeks Top Ten Tuesday is all about characters that I would be besties with. There are some awesome literary characters out there, so this was hard to narrow down, but I’m sure you’ll agree that, at least some of the characters I’ve picked, would make awesome friends.

Top Ten Tuesday is run by Jana over at That Artsy Reader Girl and you should definitely go give her blog some love.

Nina Zenik – Six of Crows

Both big bold and beautiful… also waffles! Nina is such a fun loving, but also kick-ass character and I would definitely bond with her over waffles and checking out all the ‘eye candy’ Ketterdam has to offer

Lila Bard – ADSOM

Lila was the first female character I read that made me want to leave my mundane life and see the world. I read this book the year I went travelling and I saw so many parallels between our lives, and the opening of our eyes when we realised what was out in the world for us to see. Add in that she is sarcastic as hell and could kill you with relative ease, and I could see us being the best of friends.

Cassian/Azriel – ACOTAR

Everyone needs some Illryian eye candy… sorry I meant friends… honestly I meant friends. That being said, we all need a little eye candy in our friendship groups, add in the witty banter that these two share, the brashness of Cassian quietened by the subtleness of Azriel. I would love to join in with the whole night court gang, but these two are definitely favourites of mine.

Shazad – Rebel of the Sands

I mean, I love Amani and Jin. They are my OTP and I lived for their moments in the book, but I would kill (literally) to be friends with Shazad. Loyal to a fault, absolutely kick-ass and subtly sarcastic.

Falcio, Kest & Brasti – The Greatcoats

As soon as I read these books I wanted to join The Greatcoats… and when I realised that couldn’t happen I decided that simply being friends with my three boys would have to suffice. These three make for a hilarious team. I mean… my life would probably be in constant peril if I was around them, but they would make up for it with Falcio’s wit, Kests stoicness and Brastis pranks.

Nikolai – Grishaverse

We all could do with a little royalty in our friendship groups right? And if I could only pick one literary royal it would have to be this man. Always up for a bit of adventure, a true cinnamon roll and one of the biggest hearts going. I would love to join his motley crew!

Safi & Iseult – The Witchlands

A friend who could tell when someone was lying to you! How handy would that be. And one who could see your bonds with people.. .these two would make some awesome friends. Two sides of the same coin, Safi is witty and unafraid of confrontation, and Iseult likes to stay in the shadows and is loyal to a fault.

So those would be my choices for literary besties! I’m not sure whether bringing them all together would be destiny or disastrous but I would certainly enjoy seeing it unfold. What do you all think of my choices? Did any of these make your list? Let me know in the comments.


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