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Hello fellow bookworms! I’m ridiculously picky with what I would class at Auto-Buy authors. I have to have enjoyed every book of theirs I’ve read, if there was one I was iffy about then I’m generally more wary with picking up other books they write. That being said, I definitely do have authors who’s books I have loved, yes, every single one of them, have made me instil so much trust in them and their writing that I buy literally anything they write (sometimes without knowing anything about the book except the title). Most of these are Fantasy/Sci-Fi authors, but there is a Crime author in there whose books I still enjoy reading. Are there any authors who you instantly buy, without checking the plot or anything about the book? Let me know in the comments.

Top Ten Tuesday is run by Jana over at That Artsy Reader Girl and you should definitely go give her blog some love.

Brandon Sanderson

I read Sanderson’s Mistborn trilogy a few years ago and fell in love. I didn’t think I could enjoy his writing any more… and then I picked up Skyward! I own around 5 more of his books ( that I really need to pick up) and even though some seem slightly daunting … Way of Kings …I can pretty much guarantee I will love them.

Alwyn Hamilton

Even though Hamilton has only released the one series so far, Rebel of the Sands is one of my all time favourite trilogies. The world she builds is so encompassing, and the romance… soooo swoonworthy. I will literally pick up anything else she writes (and I know from following her on Instagram that shes currently working on a manuscript).

Katherine Arden

I absolutely fell in love with Ardens Winternight Trilogy. She dragged me into medieval Russia and I couldn’t get enough of delving into another countries folklore. I also managed to get my hands on an ARC of her MG novel Small Spaces, and though I’m not normally one for MG I was totally gripped by the story line and characters.

Victoria Schwab

V.E. Schwab is actually the exception to my rule. I could not get into her Monsters of Verity series, no matter how many times I tried. However, my undying love for ADSOM meant that I would still pick up anything else she writes without question.

Leigh Bardugo

My god the Grishaverse books are just too good! I literally cannot get enough of the world Leigh manages to create and I love all her little cinnamon roll characters. There’s not a book of hers that I haven’t enjoyed, and I am eagerly anticipating Ninth House, her latest novel set at Yale University.

Linda Fairstein

I’ve mentioned before that when I first started reading adult fiction my go to genre was crime. A large part of that was because of this lady. Her Alex Cooper series had me hooked from the first book, and I have religiously bought every one since.

Sarah J Maas

TOG & ACOTAR are two truly epic series. I’m pretty sure I cried, laughed and celebrated my way through both of them and I couldn’t pick between the two which one I love more. Because of this I will pick up absolutely anything else Maas writes, and I’m super excited for Crescent City, the first book in her new adult series.

Samantha Shannon

I will admit to The Bone Season being a second time like for me, I DNF it the first time, and though I enjoy the series Shannons Priory of the Orange Tree makes it pale in comparison, and has cemented my love for her as an author. The absolute epicness of this book had me falling head over heals and I was swept away by the magical writing and tremendous world she builds.

Sebastien De Castell

I flew through the Greatcoats series, and its one to this day I recommend to nearly everyone I meet. It did however take me slightly longer to read Spellslinger… I’m not sure why because I was hooked from the first book. Equally as witty as his other series, and with characters just as easy to fall in love with, I will definitely be picking up the rest of this series ASAP, as well as anything else he writes.

Jay Kristoff

Nevernight was another series that was a DNF the first time for me, but I’ve never been more happy to have given a series a second chance in my life. I adore Mia (my little killing machine) and live for her interactions with Mr Kindly, which are equal parts hilarious and disturbing. I recently read Aurora Rising, and this has made me more eager to pick up the Illuminae files which i’ve been meaning to read for faaaarr too long. Let’s just say that anything with Mr Kristoffs name attached will be an insta-buy for me.

So that’s my Top Ten auto-buy authors. Are any of these on your lists? Or have you got any recommendations based on my choices? Let me know in the comments.


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  1. Brilliant list, I love that you included Alwyn Hamilton, I think she deserves so much more love. Her series was amazing, an absolute standout when I found everything in ya to be a little same same. I look forward to seeing what she does next.

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  2. I only started book blogging last week and already I feel like I’m part of such a welcoming and friendly community! Happy anniversary!

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  3. I saw your title and immediately thought of that 80s movie where the guy announces his girlfriend (they are still teenagers I think) announces his girlfriend is kinda pregnant and the parents are like you are or you aren’t and his younger brother snaps you forgot to feed your hamster and it died… ok off topic but its 530 in the morning here…

    Anyway… great choices!!!!! 🙂 The ones I know I completely agree with!

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  4. I JUST discovered Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn series this summer! I am reading one of his books a month, because you’re right, they are daunting. But I love them! So up next will be Hero Of Ages and then I have to switch to a different Brandon Sanderson Series

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    • Sorry for the late reply! Your comment ended up in my spam for some reason!! Glad you’re enjoying Sanderson’s books, they are daunting but well worth the wait. I really need to pick up his Way of Kings series asap 😀

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      • Oh no! I wonder how I wound up in spam! I am so glad that I finally discovered his work. I am also super grateful that I had the opportunity to get the Mistborn series in the first place. I got a boxed set for free through an influencer partnership with Books2Door. They sell cheap boxed sets of popular titles and they just asked me to review the book like normal and then leave a link to buy it from their site at the bottom. It was awesome because I don’t have much money to buy books very often, let alone a whole boxed set!

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      • Wow! That’s really cool… and a fab way to get books into people’s hands. It’s amazing there are people like that out there 😊. He is awesome… and you should definitely pick up Skyward if you haven’t already.

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      • I am planning on reading the next series that is also set in the same world next after I finish book 3. But if I can’t buy the books I might just wind up reading whatever Sanderson title I can get from the ebook library.

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