I can’t believe you killed them! – Top Ten Tuesday

We’ve all had that moment right. When you find a character you love that much they feel like a friend, you empathise with them and live for the parts of the book that they’re in… and then the author goes and kills them off. This has happened to me too many times to count, and I’ve still not learnt not to get emotionally invested in a characters outcome to protect myself. Some deaths I’ve managed to see coming and prepare myself, but this post will focus on the deaths that came out of nowhere. The ones that were a massive punch to the gut and took me days to get over. The ones I’ve still not forgiven the author for.

This weeks Top Ten Tuesday was a character freebie, so I decided to focus my post on the character deaths that have hit me the hardest.

*Quick warning this post will obviously contain spoilers, so read ahead at your own peril!*

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Baldair – Air Awakens

I did not see this one coming at all!! And just as he was willing to take over the throne so Aldrick and Vhalla could be together. It took me a while to really bond with Baldair but then I realised how much of a little cinnamon roll he was and I fell hard. His death was so heartbreaking, and one of the things that hit me the hardest was seeing all the characters reactions to his death.

The Thirteen – TOG

This threw me for a loop. I could maybe had lived with one of them dying… but all of them! I sobbed my way through this part of the book unable to tear myself away from their sacrifice, but knowing if I carried on I wouldnt like the outcome. So many people died in this series, but this group of kick ass witches definitely hit me the hardest.

Max – Mortal Instruments

Max wasn’t a massive character in the series, he was however an innocent child, and that was the main reason I cant forgive Clare for killing him. I cried when he died, and I cried when Alex and Magnus named their adoptive child for him.

Aline – The Greatcoats

Another senseless death of a child. What hit me more with this one is all the attempts on her life she had survived before, and she died protecting someone who would have let her die if the roles were reversed. I loved this series but the ending had me crying buckets and buckets of tears.

Imin – Rebel of the Sands

This one hit me twice. Once when I thought it was Ahmed who had died and a second time when I realised it was actually the shapeshifter Imin. Hamilton manages to make you bond with even the smallest characters in this series, so no matter who dies you find it hard to recover,

Matthias – Six of Crows

A much as I loved Matthias and his sassiness, it was more Nina’s reaction that made this a hard death for me to get over. They were just on good terms, just about to start their life together and he was taken away. I was truly devastated, and when Nina meets his wolf in King of Scars my heart broke all over again.

EVERYONE – Harry Potter

I know… this is cheating, but I cried through every death in Harry Potter. From Sirius to Dumbledore, and pretty much the whole way through the last book. I realise that Rowling was trying to make war as realistic as possible to her teen audience, but that didn’t stop me from shouting at the book when Dobby, Fred, Tonks, Lupin, Snape, Hedwig, Moody & Colin Creevy throughout the pages of The Deathly Hallows.

So that’s it! These are the deaths that I’m still not over, and likely wont ever be. Let me know which literary death has hit you the hardest.

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  1. I just spoiled myself on Air Awakens 😭😭😭😭.
    So I’m not reading anymore of this post so I don’t see anything else 🙈.
    BUT I DO LOVE THIS IDEA FOR TTT. Great post regardless.

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