Books on my summer 2019 TBR – Top Ten Tuesday

Hello! I don’t know about you but I am THE WORST at sticking to TBR’s. I love the idea, but I don’t think I’ve ever managed to actually follow one through 🙈. That being said, I do have books that are my ‘next to pick up’, ‘need to read for a blog tour’, ‘seriously need to sort out my Netgalley %’or ‘I’ve been meaning to read this for agesss.’ So this is basically my list of books I want/need to read within the next couple of months. There are definitely plenty more books that I could add to this list, but I’ve narrowed it down as best as I could.

Top Ten Tuesday is run by Jana over at That Artsy Reader Girl and you should definitely go give her blog some love.

A Shifting of Stars – Kathy Kimbray

Below – Alexandria Warwick

Brightfall – Jaime Lee Moyer

We Hunt the Flame – Hafsah Faizal

Spin the Dawn – Elizabeth Lim

The Gilded Wolves – Roshani Chokshi

The Ten Thousand Doors of January – Alix E. Harrow

Three Ways to Disappear – Katy Yocom

Shadow Frost – Coco Ma

Illuminae – Jay Kristoff & Amie Kaufman

So what do you all think of my list? Are there any books on here you can recommend, or are any on your summer TBR also? Let me know in the comments.


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  1. Illuminae is amazing. The format is so different and fun. Loved Gilded Wolves. I am excited for We Hunt the Flame. I adore the author on twitter and it just seem like a very cool book. I’m hoping to get to Shadow Frost very soon. Hope you enjoy your books

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  2. I really love the covers on your list. Also, at least three or four of these are on my TBR as well, though they’re not super high up on my TBR since I just added most of them recently. You can do it!

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  3. Don’t leave me! Don’t leave me alone in the I haven’t started the Illuminae Series Club…. what will I do by myself :/….

    Gilded Wolves… YAYAYAYAYA…. The Cover Reveal for the sequel is BRILLIANT!
    Can’t wait to hear what you think of STD… ok I really need to stop abbreviating Spin the Dawn.

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  4. I loved Illuminae, We Hunt the Flame, and Spin the Dawn so I hope you do too. I still need to read the Gilded Wolves as well 🙈. I’m looking forward to hearing what you think about Ten Thousand Doors and A Shifting of Stars as both sound amazing.

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  5. I really loved Illuminae! It’s such an interesting way of reading a book. I have The Gilded Wolves on my list as well. Hoping to get to it this summer! xo

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  6. Hallo, Hallo Becky!

    You know when you’ve had an epic difficult week? Where you think your *comment!* was eaten by the ethers of WP!! I mistook the post I commented on for this one and vice versa! (oyyyy) I did have some good luck though today at the library – I was able to renew my loan for “We Hunt the Flame” as I was seriously shocked into joy I was in first position to borrow it; with the way my June went (ie. recovering from those migraines in May) and life in general trying to hold me down in woes — I wasn’t thinking I *could!* renew it but seconds ago it did! *whew!*

    Then, I thought for sure I’d have to put in a purchase REQ for “Spin the Dawn”!?! Lo and behold the other library I borrow from bought it!! Now I’m in first position for it!! Eek. Too wicked for words! I could use the good doses of #randomJOY right now! So, those two lovelies we share in common!!

    And, since I wasn’t here before as I thought I had been – you’ll find I announced my plans for #MyYASummer this week for TTT; wherein I discuss trying to put a dent in my backlogue of reviews whilst adding in more wicked lovely Fantasy (esp YA as apparently that’s my jam ATM for the fantasical!) and why July is my binge month for INSPY Lit and how I decided to join the #IronTomeAthon for adult Fantasy as well. lol I just need another bookish holiday and my Summer is shaping up into one which makes me feel calmer about the stresses I’ve been under this week/month!

    As for your other selections,…

    You’ve given me a LOT to consider… might have to add some of these to my #IronTomeAthon plans!? lol #allgood

    PS: When it comes to TBRs – I do my darnest to adhere to them but like you, sometimes life and tides pull me out of their orbit.

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    • Hah I’m forever checking that I’m commenting on the right post 🙈

      So glad you managed to get We Hunt the Flame ( which I still need to read) and I’ve just finished Spin the Dawn which was awesome, so I hope you enjoy when you manage to get it.

      I’ll definitely check out your TTT post, and maybe get some recs from it 😊

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