S4S – Couples who need a sequel!

I don’t know about you but I’m all for a swoon worthy romance. Whether its enemies to lovers, unlikely allies to something more, star-crossed lovers or simply meant to be. There are some amazing couples out there, and some that, although they might not be ‘together’ yet we all know are endgame. This weeks Six for Sunday is all about Couples who deserve a sequel. I’ve tried to keep this to couples who have more of a sub-plot in the books, however, a few may have slipped in that I just want to read more of. If you could pick a couple who could have their own book/series who would it be?

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I know! They’re not technically a couple, but we all know they’re endgame right? I loved the interactions between these two, neither willing to back down, and that scene with the King of Hyburn nearly killed me. I know Sarah has said that she will write more books in the ACOTAR world so I really hope at least one will focus on this pair.

Rhy & Alucard

These two were just too good in ADSOM, and they definitely deserve their own book, whether a backstory or a continuation of the series. I know that Victoria has already mentioned a new series set in the Universe and I would love if these two got to make an appearance.

Lorcan & Elide

I need to see them travelling to Perranth together. Seeing them build it up from the rubble it has become, starting Elides court and obviously lots of little babies. Plus I need a scene where Lorcan releases if he marries her his name would be Lorcan Lochan. These two were one of my favourite from the TOG series and I found myself flying through the book until I reached their chapters.

Cress & Thorne

I’ve always wanted Meyer to write a follow on series from the Lunar Chronicles and who better to set it around! Follwing them as they use the Rampion to deliver the cure around the world, and following their induction into Cinder’s court (because they will obviously both have posistions.) They were the sweetest couple and Captain Carswell Thorne and Cress were both two of my favourite individual characters.

Lysandra & Aedion

My god these two were swoon worthy. I loved how Aedion was patient with her, knowing all she had suffered and allowing her to set the terms of their relationship. Even if he did turn into a bit of a dick when Lysandra turned into Aelin. This is another couple from the series that I would love to have a follow on for. Watching Lydsandra turn into the lady she was made to be, and them both becoming parents to Evangeline.

The Dragon & Agnieska

Uprooted is one of my favourite books ever! And although I love it I would die if Novik were to write a sequel. Being able to see the progression of the Dragon and Agnieska’s relationship and her coming into her power. Honestly these two are a favourite of mine, even if their relationship is somewhat of a sub-plot.


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  1. I love all of these couplings apart from The Dragon & Agnieska purely because I DNF’d Uprooted and don’t really have a thought about those characters.

    I love the TOG world and anything that Sarah J Maas writes. They are always wonderful characters and relationships!

    Love this post!

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