Books from my favourite genre – Top Ten Tuesday

When I first started reading what I would class as ‘Adult’ fiction, my choice of Genre was solely crime. I adored the who-dunnit aspect, and especially loved the kind of books where you could follow along with the investigation and make your own guesses as to who the killer is. However, at around 25, I took my first real foray into Fantasy. Though I had read the odd fantasy book growing up – Harry Potter, The Golden Compass etc – I would never have classed myself as a Fantasy fan. This changed when I started Victoria Schwabs A Darker Shade of Magic series. I simply couldn’t get enough of all the London’s, Kell’s magic coat and Lila’s biting wit. I was wholly gripped, and thus began my love for Fantasy, both adult & YA. I cant thank Victoria enough for this chance, I simply cant imagine my life if I hadn’t been able to travel the four London’s with Kell & Lila, defeated the Empire with Kelsier & Vin, followed Celaena Sardothien on her journey to become Aelin Galathynuis, became an honorary member of the Dreg’s, murdered my way across Itreya with Mia and Mr Kindly, fell in love fighting alongside other Demi-Djinn with Amani and Jin and all the other journeys I’ve not yet had the chance to take. My life was forever changed with those opening words “Kell wore a very peculiar coat.”

This weeks Top Ten Tuesday is all about book’s in your favourite genre, and in case you didn’t get it from the above mine Is Fantasy. Choosing only 10 book’s is going to be incredibly hard, there are simply too many amazing series out there to count. What would you say your favourite genre is? Let me know in the comments.

Top Ten Tuesday is run by Jana over at That Artsy Reader Girl.

A Darker Shade of Magic – V.E. Schwab

I mean… I couldn’t leave this one out could I? Lila Bard is quite possibly one of my favourite characters ever! Her wit is unparalleled, and I was so sad when this series ended and I realised I wouldn’t be getting any more of her kicking ass, and her relationship with Kell. I was so unbelievably happy to hear this was being optioned for the big screen! I cant wait to be able to see Red London brought to life in all it’s glory.

Mistborn Trilogy – Brandon Sanderson

This series was simply put EPIC. It wasn’t an easy read, and probably one of the series that took me the longest to get through. However, I couldn’t get enough. Sanderson writes some truly awesome characters that you cant help but bond with, and his amazingly descriptive writing makes you feel you’re fighting the Empire right along with them.

Throne of Glass – Sarah J Maas

This series made me cry more than I thought was possible. Maas manages to get you so invested in her characters, even the minor ones, that you feel every emotion right along side them. Add in swoon worthy romance, gorgeous territorial Fae males and kick ass women and this is series of epic proportions.

Rebel of the Sands – Alwyn Hamilton

Swoon worthy romance to die for… literally. I was hooked completely on the relationship between Amani and Jin, add in a cultural mythology I hadn’t managed to read about before and I was well and truly hooked. The world of the Djinn was so completely new to me, and Alwyn managed to make me search out every single fantasy book that even mentioned them. I craved learning about other cultures folklore/mythology.

The Priory of the Orange Tree

I mean, I only read this book last month and it’s already made it’s way up my favourites list. I think I can say I’ve never read anything quite as epic. The world building in this book is to die for, add in more than one kick ass female character, and another chance for me to dive into another cultures folklore, and I can firmly say this is going to be my top read of the year!

Nevernight – Jay Kristoff

This series was actually a second time love for me, I DNF it the first time I tried. My god am I glad I tried again. Mia is absolutely awesome, and her relationship with Mr Kindly is equal parts hilarious and super weird. These are probably some of the darkest book’s I’ve read and I simply could not get enough.

Uprooted – Naomi Novik

The second stand-alone on the list, and one I wish the author had written a sequel of. I loved following Agnieszka’s journey, especially her relationship with the Dragon. The writing in this book is beautifully lyrical and made me scour book shops for anything else the author had written.

The Bear and the Nightingale – Katherine Arden

Another series that had me diving headfirst into another cultures Folklore, this time that of medieval Russia. I adored meeting all the Cheryti, and following Vasya as she managed to defeat the Bear. I cant tell you how much I adore this series and the writing is sublime!

The Greatcoats series – Sebastien De Castell

My god emotions I felt reading this series. At times it had me laughing out loud, angrily slamming the book shut and bawling my eyes out. Falcio, Kest & Brasti are fantastically written characters and their sarcasm levels are off the scale. Wonderfully adventurous and dramatic, I take every chance to throw this series at people so they get the chance to love it as much as I do.

Truthwitch – Susan Dennard

I only started this series last year and boy is it good! There are three books and a Novella out atm and I blazed through them all. I love the relationships, not just romantic but that of sisters. Safi and Isuelt couldn’t be more different, but their differences are what make them an unstoppable and inseparable pair. Add in amazing World Building and Baeduan and if you haven’t already picked this up you should!

Some other books that deserve an honourable mention are Lord of Secrets by Breanna Teintze, The Poppy War by R.F Kuang, Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo, Air Awakens by Elise Kova & Gods of Jade and Shadow by Silvia Moreno-Garcia… there are soooo many more but I’ll try to reign it in!

What is your favourite genre? And what would you say your favourite book is in that genre? Let me know in the comments, I always love a good recommendation 😊.

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