Books that I refuse to let anyone touch – Top Ten Tuesday

Hello fellow bookworms! I don’t know about you, but if you’re anything like me then you are super wary of lending books to anyone. Although there are definitely book’s I’m happy to lend out, knowing it might be months before I get it back, there are certain ones that when people ask they get a simply ‘no’. Whether they are special editions, or simply special to me I have a few books on my shelf that no one but me can touch. Are there any books that you simply refuse to lend to friends or family? Let me know in the comments.

Harry Potter

I’ve mentioned this before, but my Nan bought me every single Harry Potter book that has been released, and even at nearly 30 she still insists on buying me any new versions. I have all the original hardbacks, and most are first editions and because of this I don’t let anyone touch them. They are some of my all time favourite books, and are special to me not just because of how much I love them, but because of who bought them for me.


I recently bough the Grim Oak Press copy of Uprooted, which put me back a pretty penny. However, it’s got some absolutely gorgeous drawings included and is signed by both Naomi Novik and the Illustrator. As soon as it arrived I had a friend ask if she could read it, I practically laughed in her face, walked into my room and brought out my ratty old paperback that I’ve read about 10 times and just said “you can but not that copy.”

The Hobbit

There’s nothing outwardly special about this book, its old, dog-eared and battered from the amount of times its been read. However, its the same book my dad used to read to me and my sisters every night when we were little, and though its old and pretty much falling to pieces I just cant seem to let it go. I have other editions of this book, that I’m still fussy about lending out, but this copy never leaves my shelves.

Goldsboro Editions

Special editions books like Goldsboro etc are other book’s that I don’t tend to lend out. I simply don’t trust people enough not to ruin the covers, and with them not exactly being the cheapest of books I make sure to keep them in tip top condition.


I’m quite happy to trade ARC’s with other bloggers etc, however, I do have some in my personal collection and these are not allowed to be touched. I’ve had friends request to read them and instead of giving them the ARC I have actually bought the physical copy and lent them that! They get no end of amusement out of this, but I like to keep them in as good condition as I can.

So that’s about it for book’s that I refuse to lend out. I only tend to lend my books to good friends or family, so I know I can trust them to some degree not to ruin them.


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  1. Most of the time I’nm fine with lending out book, but there are a couple of books that I really don’t want anyone to touch haha


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