Characters that remind me of myself – Top Ten Tuesday

There are so many amazing female characters out there at the minute, and I feel lucky to see myself, if only in little ways, in their personalities and character traits. I’m not going to base this post solely on books, but also movies and TV series. Are there any characters that you just resonate with so completely you feel that they were written based on your life, or do you, like me, feel that you find yourself showing in tiny little character traits? Let me know in the comments.

Top Ten Tuesday is run by Jana over at That Artsy Reader Girl.

Hermione Granger

I’m not going to lie, I was the epitome of a nerd throughout school. I never got in trouble, even if I didn’t always do things by the rule book. And, in case you haven’t already guessed, I was a big reader. As soon as I started Harry Potter I instantly bonded with Hermione. This was the first book series I read where it felt cool to be a “nerd”. Harry and Ron would pretty much have died in book one without her help.


Again, not sure I have to spell this one out but BOOKS!!! That library, I swear I would marry anyone if they could give me a library like that (maybe not Gaston). I also love to randomly burst into song and would love to live in France.

Rory Gilmore

I’m seeing a running theme here… BOOKS! Again I know, but I loved the Gilmore Girls growing up, and loved seeing Rory interact with books (she smells them just like I do). I also feel like we have a similar humour, both quote sarcastic and witty at times. Although I would have definitely picked Jess… Just saying.

Nina Zenik

Waffles! Need I say anything else? Oh alright. I’m quite a curvy girl and I loved how Leigh managed to make Nina’s size something to be desired when this is normally the opposite in TV, Literature etc. If I would pick any character to cosplay it would definitely be Miss Zenik, not just for our similar body types, but also our personalities. Though I wouldn’t always class myself as confident, when I’m around friends I’m always up for a bit of harmless flirting, and my innocent looks have managed to get me out of many a dire situation.


Random bursts of singing/humming, small, shy around attractive males… if only I was techy, then I could literally be the living embodiment of Cress. Now all I need is to meet my own Captain Thorne. Honestly though, Cress was me in my early 20’s/teens. Though I have managed to become slightly more confident in my later years, I still feel better being a Wallflower than being the centre of attention.

So add them together and what have you got… Bibbity bobbity basically me! Would you say you relate to any of these? If not let me know which characters you relate to in the comments!


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  1. OMG I had both Hermione and Cress on my list for pretty much the same reason. I am a bookworm for sure and like Cress, yes I would have those random bursts of humming, I’m a bit small and shy but unfortunately deprived of a Captain Thorne lol I do spend a lot of time online but I am not super techy like her – I wish I was haha Great list btw! 🙂

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