Chosen Champion – Tower Guard Teaser!

Hi guys. I’ve got something a little different for you this Friday. Being part of the amazing Tower Guard I’ve managed to snag an exclusive teaser from Elise Kovas latest book which is available to buy now!! (I’ll include links for both the books at the end of the post).

Chosen Champion is the 2nd book in her Air Awakens: Vortex Chronicles series, a follow on from the best selling Air Awakens, which is one of my all time favourite series. You all might have noticed how much I talk about it on here. I devoured the first book in one sitting, and I am super excited to start this one. I just know i’ll love it!

Other members of the Tower Guard will be posting snippets over the next week and up next is Morissa over at MorrBooks, so be sure to check out her blog tomorrow for another exclusive snippet. So if you’re ready here goes…

The room was not the sort of dark that fell over the land when the sun went to sleep. The darkness here was deeper, richer, and so impenetrable that not even light or noise seemed to exist within. It was so complete that Vi had to turn back to the gate leading to the Crossroads to assure herself that she hadn’t gone blind.

The gate… had closed behind her without so much as a sound.

In fact, there were no sounds in the void she now found herself in. Her breathing rattled her chest, hitching in a panic that rose with the tone of her voice as she almost squeaked, “Hello?”

If there was ever a moment when Vi was certain she was going to die, it was then. But she didn’t die. Nothing happened at all.

Vi took two more steps forward, bumping into a table in the darkness. She tilted forward, pressing both hands down for balance. Something crunched under her palms and Vi hastily lifted them, shaking away the dried flakes.

Did she even want to know what that was?

Summoning bravery and her flame, Vi looked. The whole table was scattered with flecks of deep crimson—but it wasn’t dried blood.

“Rose petals?” Vi picked one up and it nearly disintegrated between her fingers, time weighing too heavily on the fragile petal.

Far in the back, there was a sliver of light—a red glow she hadn’t seen before. It was ominous, terrifying, and she was certain it was where she needed to go.

Slowly, Vi stepped around the table. On the outer edge of the room were empty shelves—all save one, which held quills lined neatly in silver inkwells. They glinted in the light of her tiny dancing flame, as if winking back at her. Suppressing a shiver, Vi pressed on.

As she neared the sliver of angry light, a new scent tickled her nose. It was earthy, familiar, though Vi couldn’t place it until she felt the crunch of dried grasses under her feet.

No, not grass.

“Wheat?” Vi crouched down, looking back. Nothing but darkness pressed in on her. She couldn’t see the light of the Crossroads peeking through the iron of the gate. Both the table of rose petals and the shelf of quills were invisible to her now. “What is this place?” Vi muttered as she straightened.

She’d thought it was a curiosity shop, but this was nothing like what she expected. The shelves were supposed to be packed with all kinds of tokens for clients to burn and hold when the Firebearer looked into the future. Vi would’ve thought the place abandoned, if not for the rose petals, quills, and wheat.

It was almost as if someone had expected her to come here, laying out the tokens like invitations. Was it possible the old woman had had a glimpse of the future before she left the West? Had she known Vi would come?

But if that were the case, Vi would have to believe there was some deeper meaning to the seemingly random things strewn about.

Her hand closed around the watch at her neck on instinct and Vi took a deep breath. She couldn’t allow herself to get unnerved by this strange place. She was here for one thing—a vision. It didn’t matter what the place was used for before, or after.

Crossing the path of wheat to the doorway, Vi pushed aside the heavy curtain that had been barely open a sliver. Inside the small back room was a recessed fire pit and a single fire burning like an invitation. The white-blue flame waiting for her, a silent instruction.

Taking a breath, Vi knelt before it, opened her eyes wide, and stared into the flame.

The fire nearly exploded, tendrils wrapping around her in an eager embrace. Yet unlike the fire Vi had created and manipulated before, this did not singe her clothes. It hovered just off of her flammable fabrics and caressed the exposed skin of her hands and face. It crashed on her like a wave; Vi couldn’t have shut her eyes if she tried.

White. Her vision was nothing but white hot fire. A tingle rose in the back of her mind, her eyes widened further, and there in the distance of the whiteout was the silhouette of a man.

Vi found herself standing on a rocky beach, her father opposite her.

😱😱 wow! I definitely need to pick this book up ASAP. And if you’re interest is piqued by this awesome snippet (which it should be) both Vortex Visions and Chosen Champion are currently available for purchase here:

Vortex Visions: http://viewbook.at/VortexVisions

Chosen Champion: http://viewbook.at/chosenchampion

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