‘Would you rather’ Tag

I saw this tag over on Ellies Little World and you should definitely go and give her blog some love!

This just seemed like a fun idea, and I like tags that aren’t always ‘book’ related so here goes.

1. Would you rather have more time or more money?

Definitely more time, that way I would get to read all the books in my massive TBR pile!

2. If you were to travel the US, would you rather travel by car or plane?

I was lucky enough to travel the US in 2015, and that was by car. I would definitely do it that way again. The drives are amazing…if not slightly long.Plus I feel like you miss so much by flying, there are some amazing sights to see and really quirky places to stop.

3. Would you rather have an unlimited gift card to your favourite restaurant or clothing store?

It would have to be clothing. I spend wayyyy to much money on clothes and though I like eating out, I tend to go to different places each time.

4. Would you rather be a little late or way too early?

Anyone who knows me would laugh out loud at this question. I am notoriously early for everything. It’s my one weakness I just cannot stand being late.

5. Would you rather change your hair or eye colour?

I’ve always been happy with my eye colour, but throughout my youth I was always dying my hair. I recently died it Blonde for a charity trip I took part in, so I would definitely say hair.

6. Would you rather be known for your intelligence or good looks?

Intelligence, looks go with age, and personally when looking for a partner I look for other qualities over looks.

7. Would you rather be a one-hit wonder for a novel or song?

Song? I cant really think of any novels I would class as a ‘one hit wonder’ anyway.

8. Would you rather go on a date with somebody you met online or go on a blind date?

Somebody I met online. At least then I would have had the chance to build some kind of relationship with them.

9. Would you rather have a rewind button or pause button on your life?

Oooh I would have to say rewind! I am THE BIGGEST clutz and I tend to say really stupid things! So being able to rewind would be a godsend.

10. Would you rather be locked in amusement park or library?

Errr… I feel this is pretty obvious but a Library! Imagine having all that time to read with no interruptions. Plus at a amusement park I would need someone to start all the rides for me.

This was pretty fun to do! As always if you feel like taking part consider yourself tagged, and let me know if you do, I definitely want to read the answers.


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