S4S – Books from my childhood

Hello fellow bookworms! Six for Sunday is run by Steph over at A Little But A Lot, and you should definitely go show her some love.

I’ve been a reader from a very early age, although my oldest, and sometimes fondest, memories of books and reading are being read too by my dad when I was younger, and being bought new books by my Aunty or Nan because I was unwell or was good in school. My family have always supported my love of reading, and because of this I have so many books from my childhood that bring back memories. This weeks Six for Sunday is all about books from your childhood, and I will focus on the ones that bring back the best memories for me.

The Hobbit

My earliest memory of this book is being in primary school, and my dad sat in the hallway of our old house reading it to me and my sisters. I used to have the most vivid dreams when I went to sleep, and used to try and stay awake so he would read more. I’ve read it a few times since then and it has never once lost its magic.

The Vicar of Nibbleswick

Probably a lesser know Dahl book but it was a favourite of mine growing up. I remember my Aunty buying this for me when I’ve been ill and me howling with laughter as she was reading it to me. I still find this hilarious, even as an adult and love the fond memory it brings.

Harry Potter

My Nan has bought me every single Harry Potter book, and I mean every one, including all the add ins such as “Quidditch through the ages” and “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.” She’s even bought me the more recent illustrated editions, even though im nearly 30. Every time I read these books I think of her, and her joy at seeing me so excited over getting them.

Fantastic Mr Fox

This was my favourite Roald Dahl book by far! My Aunty used to be in a band and I remember my mum taking me to see a concert of hers. Much to both of their amusements I took this with me to read in case I got “bored.” They all found it that funny that the band actually took it off me and signed it, I still have this copy and love opening it up and remembering that day.

Northern Lights

This was another book that my Aunty bought for me, I think it was a Christmas present. I read it in a day, and luckily my birthday is only 5 days after Christmas, so she bought me the other two books for that! This is a favourite series of mine and I’ll forever be thankful for her introducing it to me.

To Kill a Mockingbird

This was the first “adult” style book I read. I was given it by my Aunty when I was in my first year of High School and I devoured it. Such a fantastic book and I will always be glad that she didn’t feel I was too young to read it.

Ok so that’s my top 6! Are there any books from your childhood on this list? And if not, what are some of your favourite childhood reads?


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  1. Ok at least you listed to Kill a Mocking Bird although for me that was high school… but still… I’m reading these posts and damn they are making me feel old. I might just start liking them and stop reading them before I throw myself off the Arch lol

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