Shelflove Crate King of Scars unboxing!

I’ve seen these floating about and I thought I would give it a try. I got, and adored, Shelflove crates Kingdom of Ash box, so when I saw they were doing one based around King of Scars I couldn’t press buy fast enough. The items in this box are top notch and with the exception of the hoodie (you might have seen the drama that unfolded around this) I adored them all.

This box contains some truly beautiful items, and I had the most fun opening them all. I’ve added close ups of all the smaller items and links to the shops below!

King of Scars by Leigh Bardugo

Woven Tapestry/throw blanket by Noveran Tale

Royal Crest Pop Socket

Nina and Nikolai Chess pieces by Silke Tara

Set of 12 Character cards by Diana Dworak

Book Sleeve by Lesya Blackbird

Mythical creatures Keychain by Taratjah

Flying ship in a bottle pin by Bookmark’d Tattoos

Mug by Kat Adara

Set of four coasters by Blanca Design

Nikolai cushion by Naomi Lord

Saint of Light Candle by Say Anything Studio

Woodmark by In The Reads

So that’s that! Make sure you check out all the amazing artists pages, I can already feel my bank balance going down.


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  1. That looks very cool! Thanks for sharing. Shame I wasn’t around for when this was done with SOC/CK…

    Everything looks so pretty and intricate and hand crafted. Would you use any of it? I wouldn’t. I’d just display it all. Lol


  2. Great unboxing! I love Shelflove Crate. I know they are having some difficulties right now with shipping on time but seriously their box are always top notch, they haven’t drop any quality so it makes me stick with them. I am also in love with those chess pieces we are getting this year. I wanted to get the King of Scar and Wicked King box but it was just too expensive with rate of exchange and shipping, I was really happy to be able to grab those chess pieces on their site last week. Happy you liked your box.

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  3. hey do you still want that KOS blanket? if you don’t want it, i am interested in buying it.
    please message me on Tumblr @udovaintomyheart or email me


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