S4S – Favourite Bookish Couples

We all have those bookish romances that we swoon over don’t we? Whether its from enemies to lovers ( my favourite trope), a mutual need leading too attraction, Prince Charming rescuing the princess, or more likely The Princess rescuing Prince Charming! There are some amazing couples being written in books nowadays, which makes this list all the harder to narrow down. This post will focus on my Top 6, but there are too many awesome couples out there to count. Who are some of your favourite Bookish Couples? Let me know in the comments.

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Mr Darcy and Elizabeth Bennett

I’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for Mr Darcy (especially the Colin Firth version). And I love the way Austen writes their scenes together, even though Elizabeth is much further down in station than him, he never seems to condescend to her. In fact I feel that, apart from the disastrous proposal, his conversations with Elizabeth seem to bring out a different, better Darcy. They both have flaws which they cannot see and will not accept, but only together can they become better people.

Amani and Jin

I adored this relationship. Alwyn Hamilton had me feeling all the feels whilst reading this trilogy. When they were apart in book 2 I was eagerly awaiting their meeting, and it did not disappoint. There is something so pure about their relationship, both realising that they are integral cogs in the revolution, and neither willing to give up that power/pressure to have an easy relationship. I shipped these guys super hard from the beginning, and loved the journey the author took them on.

Audrey-Rose Wadsworth and Thomas Creswell

I mean who doesn’t like these two right? I love now naughty their relationship feels. Set in a time period where an unmarried woman and man being left alone together was classed as scandalous, this pair aren’t only left to their own devices, but set out on some awfully dangerous adventures together. Audrey-Rose the cold hard Scientist and Thomas more akin to a modern profiler, they make for the perfect crime solving duo.

Iseult and Aeduan

Enemies to Lovers! Ah how I love this trope, and no relationship says it better than these two. I mean Aeduan was practically sent to kill Iseult and she tried to return the favour a few times. Their relationship starts to bear fruit in Windwitch and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on Bloodwitch to find out how it evolved. I love that, again, neither is willing to give to what makes them unique just to please the other, they are wholly themselves, faults and all and this makes for a truly interesting dynamic.

Kaz and Inej

The whole way through this duology I was just screaming at these two to get a room, and get it over and done with, I mean that bathroom scene nearly killed me! However, I agree that would have been too easy, and what makes this relationship so special is the fact that they both have scars from pasts that neither is truly over. I like that Kaz wants to be a better person for Inej and she does in fact manage to make him one.

Kell and Lila

This was slow burn if I ever read it. I honestly wasn’t sure whether they were going to get together and that would have seriously killed me. I loved the will they wont they aspect of these books, it really does keep the reader hooked, but I was very glad when I got to the boat scene in book 3! Their interactions are some of my favourite for a couple and Lila in general has some of my favourite bookish quotes.


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