Beating the Backlist: Tackling my TBR

After going through my physical and Kindle TBR and realising its over 120 books 🙈, I decided to take part in the Beating the Backlist 2019 reading challenge that Austine has created over on her blog NovelKnight.

The only rules are that the book has to have been published in 2018 or earlier and you must read it within 1.1.19-31.12.19 for it to count. I’m also taking part in the Hogwarts mini challenge, so come on Hufflepuff!!

I want you guys to get involved and help me! So every month I will create a Poll on twitter with 4 books out of my TBR and I will read the two with the most votes that month. This months winners are Daughter of Smoke and Bone and Kiss of Deception, both of which I cant wait to start. If you want to get involved my twitter handle is @beckyc_89.

I’m really excited to try and keep up with this challenge, and I will be keeping you all updated with monthly posts on how I’m doing. Let me know if you’re taking part or if you’re doing any other 2019 reading challenges and how big your TBR is… i’m hoping some will be bigger than mine so I don’t feel as bad!

Physical TBR

Kindle TBR

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  1. Oh I really want to take part in this challenge but I might embarrass myself with my ridiculous tbr! There’s some great books here in yours – I’m about half way through Meddling Kids and I love it! And 7 1/2 Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle was one of my top books from last year 🙂

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    • You should definitely take part! I think some people have over 400 books on their tbr, so you should be fine 😊. It’s just a a great way for me to get through my backlog of books I’ve been wanting to read.

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      • Yeah I have an entire bookshelf of tbr, mostly ones I’ve picked up over the years or I’ll occasionally do a charity shop or Music Magpie haul and buy a load of cheap books at once then they’re just… there.

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      • I know what you mean! I went to a few charity shops over Christmas and bought about 20 new books 🙈. I have no chance of getting through them all in a year, but hopefully this will help me make a dent of some kind!

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  2. So many of these are on my own TBR that I’m SUPER hoping to get to this year; I have a lot of series where I’m missing the last or the last two books to.

    I’m debating on how much into book blogging I’m planning into getting into this year. I usually book blog at http://readarella.wordpress.com but I feel like if I’m not gonna blog as much as I think I will to just keep it on this blog.

    Though if I do this challenge I might be book blogging more than I think I will lol!

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    • I’m the same! I’m so bad for finishing series, especially if I pick up another book in between!

      I just thought this was a good way to try and make a dent into what has become a slightly larger tbr than I anticipated 😂. I definitely think you might be book blogging more if you take part. She also has book bingo and monthly challenges if you want to take part.

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      • I took a break at book 3 of Shadow Hunters in 2013, I was just emotionally tired lmao and now here I am 6 years later like: MAYBE I SHOULD FINISH THIS lol!

        Same with ACOTAR series, I’m like 1/3 into the 3rd book! But I have the same problem! I keep wanting to pick up other books!

        I’ll definitely look into her other posts, I think challenges are so much and make getting through our never ending TBR a little easier lol!

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      • They’re two series that I love… so you should definitely give them another chance 😊.

        This is the first time I’ve took part in a reading challenge, but it just seemed so much fun, and will make me pick up books that have been on my shelves for ages, that I couldn’t resist.


  3. I haven’t counted my unread books, cause I think I’d be overwhelmed if I knew how many there are. But I’d guess my backlist is about as big as yours. You have some wonderful books on your list. I love Strange the Dreamer, The Night Circus, Circe, WIldwood and The Secret History so much, I hope you do too! Good luck with the challenge and happy reading 😊

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    • Thanks! I kind of knew mine was getting out of hand but I didn’t realise how many until I decided to take part in this challenge.

      There are so many books on my shelves I really want to read, but I’m so bad for just buying more books and then forgetting about them.


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