NYA Lit Fest – Feminism & Fantasy

The Northern YA Literary Festival is back and this year they have some amazing panels and guest speakers lined up. From Inclusiveness in Ya to creative writing workshops, there is sure to be something for every bookishly inclined person to enjoy. On the 16.03.19, and you can get your general admission and panel tickets here, and the best thing is… its completely free!!

One of the panels I am most excited to see is Feminism and Fantasy. There will be some truly amazing Female Fantasy writers; here’s a quick line up:

Melinda Salisbury

Melinda will be chairing the panel and who better, the writer of the best selling Sin Eaters Daughter series and State of Sorrow. She is a leading lady in the world of fantasy writers and has written some amazingly complex and interesting female characters.

Samantha Shannon

Best selling author of The Bone Season series, and her new standalone Priory of the Orange tree due out in March, Samantha is no stranger to strong female characters. Samantha’s main character from The Bone Season is one of my all time favourite female characters so I cannot wait to hear her speak on the matter.

Laure Eve

Bestselling author of the Graces and The Fearsome Dreamer series Laure doesn’t shy away from writing complex and morally twisted female characters. I cant wait to hear her perspective on some of the topics.

Rose Edwards

Rose will be there to talk about her debut novel “The Harm Tree” and it honestly sounds amazing! A cross between Game of Thrones and Children of Blood and Bone, I cant wait to get my hands on it. And a little birdy may have mentioned to me that there will be proofs available on the day.

Well! Doesn’t this sound amazing. Some of the best fantasy writers in one room… March cant come soon enough. Let me know if you’re planning on going and what other panels you’re thinking of attending, and you never know, I might see you there.


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