Topic Tuesday! My Bookish and Blogging New Years resolutions

Hello fellow Bookworms! And Happy New Year!! With it being the 1st of January (crazy right?) I thought I would start off the year with my Bookish and Blogging related New Years Resolutions. I’m not normally one to make any, knowing that I probably wouldn’t stick to it, however, I felt that writing it down and letting you all see the might me the kick up the bum I need to make sure I follow them. Do you have any New Years resolutions, Bookish or not? Let me know in the comments.

Get my Netgalley % back to above 80

I am so bad for just requesting everything I find interesting on Netgalley and then forgetting to read or review them. Recently I have started to be refused books, some of which I have really wanted to read, based on my review % which I have let seriously slip. So my first plan for the new year is to read and review everything I have at the minute before putting in any more requests.

Post more book reviews on my blog

I have definitely let this slip recently. I’ve been reading books and then either not bothering to review them, or when I sit down to write one, not been able to think of anything to say. This really needs to change so one of my resolutions is to post at least 2 reviews a month… I would prefer more but lets start out small.

Interact more with other bloggers on Twitter and through my blog

I am active on the blogging community on twitter but at the minute its mainly been to do with trading. I would love to get more involved in this amazing community. Everyone seems so nice, and I definitely need to make more bookish friends with similar reading tastes. If only so I have someone to gush over books with.

Get my ridiculous TBR under control

I counted my physical TBR… not counting the books on my Kindle and I have over 40! Which is pretty ridiculous. But fear not. I have a plan that links in with my above resolution… I will be posting on twitter roughly once a month asking you guys to pick books off my TBR for me to read. What do you guys think? Is this something you would be interested in?

Try to branch out with my genres

Since I’ve started reading Fantasy and Sci-Fi I have really struggled to pick up books in any other Genres. I used to love reading good crime books and classics but just don’t seem to have any interest in them recently. This will change though, next year some of my favourite authors have new books out and I am determined to read them!

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  1. Oh gosh my old Netgalley account has such awful ratings!! I feel so bad cause I worked so hard for years just to have a really bad rating. Over requesting did it lol! I’m hoping to possibly merge my book blog with this blog instead of keeping them different — but I haven’t really decided yet (I have this one and readarella)!

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    • I’m so bad for over requesting, but I’ve put myself on a bit of a ban until I get through what I have at the minute! There’s just too many amazing books I want to read 🙈 I definitely couldn’t keep up with two blogs! Merging them might be a bit easier 😊

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      • Haha I actually have 4 that I manage! It does get tough but I’m so weird about keeping things on their own. It drives my fiance crazy, he thinks I’m burning myself out — I dont want to admit he’s right lmao!

        I get what you mean, when I was on auto approve for some publishers I think that’s what really ruined my score for me. I was requesting just to have the ARC copies of highly anticipated books then I wouldn’t get the time to read them or I didn’t enjoy them and wouldn’t write a review. Sigh. I still want to go back to that account and fix it (though I haven’t touched it since 2013)!

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      • 4! I struggle finding the time to do one!! I’m impressed. Mines not too bad at the minute but I have about 7 books to read and review and just know if I request others I won’t have the time to read them.


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