J – The ABC Book Challenge




Ok! So for this challenge you have to make a post a week focusing on one letter at a time. You include your favourite reads starting with the letter and highly anticipated books on your TBR. This week I will be doing the letter J.


Books I’ve Read

Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton


If you loved the film then you definitely have to read this… and if you havent seen the film you should read it anyway! Books are always better than the films and this one fits into that category. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and the sequel “The Lost World” and it made me pick up more of Crichtons books, which were not necessarily books I would have picked for myself before reading this.


Books on my TBR

I actually have no books on my TBR beginning with F! So this is the point where I ask for your recommendations… What are some of your favourite books beginning with the letter F?




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