Topic Tuesday! Top 5 literary worlds I want to visit.

Hello fellow bookworms! There is literally nothing better than reading a book where the world is described so vividly you feel like you are there, or that you could hop on a plane and visit it. This post will focus on the top 5 literary worlds that I would love to be able to visit. Let me know some of your faves and if you agree with any of mine!


Middle Earth

Between The Shire, Rivendell, Rohan and Gondor, I could travel the world of LOTR for years. Tolkiens descriptions make this such a realistic place and I love how the films brought this world to life. I had the pleasure of travelling through New Zealand a few years ago and let me tell you something… You can visit Middle Earth! Just wandering around the country and you can easily see why it was decided to film there. Add to that the amount of LOTR tours available, and that you can visit Hobbiton, and it makes for one massive nerdgasm.



Anyone who reads Harry Potter wonders where their Hogwarts letter went. I would love to visit the legendary Wizarding school but also Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade. Wouldn’t you just love to wander down the streets and visit all the fun shops… Flourish and Blotts obviously being a favourite. Even at 28, if I got my Hogwarts letter now I would drop everything and rush to Kings cross!


Red London

From Schwabs ADSOM series Red London is described as “Flourishing with Magic” which alone should make you want to visit. I would love to wander down the banks of the Isle and visit the night market! Schwab describes all the Londons expertly but Red London won in the toss up of which one I would love to visit.


The Grishaverse

Ketterdam, Ravka and Fierda are all places that exist in the Grishaverse and I would love to visit each and every one. I love how Leigh bases these cities etc on real places, Ketterdam as Amsterdam etc, which makes it feel more like you could just hop on a plane and go and visit.



Growing up reading these books I was extremely jealous of the Pevensie children and tried, to no avail, to make my wardrobes take me to Narnia. I loved how Lewis described the world and the characters and creatures that inhabited it. I would jump at the chance to visit this world and even fight in great battles to save it!



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  1. I visited Hobbiton in NZ 5 years ago and I was just in complete awe of the place. It’s as serene and gorgeous as in the films. Definite nerdgasm. And I also agree with Hogwarts and the Grishaverse. I think my top 5 would be:

    Tortall (Tamora Pierce)
    Prythian (Velaris)

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