Topic Tuesday! Under-rated Book’s that I loved

Hello fellow bookworms! Have you ever read a book and thought, why haven’t I heard of this before now? There are some amazing books/series out there that are waiting to be read but that we might never find because they remain under-rated. This post will focus on my top 5 books/series that I picked up and loved but had never heard anything about. Do you have a favourite book/series that you feel has gone without the Love it deserved? Let me know I love a good recommendation!


The Traitors Blade – Greatcoat Series


I always use any opportunity I can get to gush about how much I love this series! I’d not heard anything about it but it came up on my Amazon recommends list for only 99p so I thought I would give it a try. Quite possibly the best decision I’ve ever made! I adore this series and Falcio, Kest and Brasti make up one of my all time favourite fantasy gangs. I would love to become a greatcoat! Ignoring all this, the Greatcoats is an amazing Fantasy series told from the perspective of Falcio Val Mond the First Cantor of the Greatcoats. Falcio has of the most endearing, hilarious and sometimes frustrating dialogue I’ve ever read, but this makes for a one hell of a ride. I cannot recommend this series enough!!


Gateway to Fourline


This is another series I hadn’t heard anything about and I still feel as though I’m alone in having read it… but that should definitely change. If you love an easy Fantasy series,  with a great slow burn romance, and fantastic characters then the Fourline books are for you. Nat is a great female lead and I love the mixture Brondos brings with the Modern world and Fourline. This is definitely a fantasy world I would love to visit… as long as they got rid of all the Spider like creatures!


Air Awakens


This book came to me via a Facebook add and for 99p I thought I would give it a go… Flash forward to me buying the rest of the books in the series and finishing all 5 books in a week. Vhalla and Aldrick are one of my all time OTP’s, but what makes this series so good for me is all the sub-characters. They all play such vital roles in Vhallas story line that you cant help but form a bond with every single one of them… something I think is a rarity nowadays. This is a great Fantasy series and one I would highly recommend if you haven’t already read it.


The Martian


I actually picked this book up for my Dad after reading the blurb… I’d heard about the film being released but it wasn’t until I spied it on Tesco’s shelves that I realised it was also a book. After my dad took farrr too long to pick it up, I thought I would give it a go despite it not being a book I would usually go for. It turned out to be one of the funniest books I have ever read, which I would never had imagined from the plot description. Although being steeped in “tech talk” I thoroughly enjoyed it. This is one of the best Sci-fi books I’ve ever read and would recommend to anyone looking for a unexpected laugh.


Queen of the Tearling


Going through Fantasy books on World of Books and this one pops up, I liked the premise so thought I would give it a go. A few chapters in to the first book, and I knew I would have to order the rest so they would be here for when I finished. Although I found the ending of the series to be a bit of a let down, I enjoyed the series as a whole, and found Kelsea to be a thoroughly interesting character whose story line I enjoyed following through until the end.


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