Topic Tuesday! Top 5 Favourite Couples

Since I’ve jumped on the YA bandwagon I have found so many OTP’s its getting a little bit ridiculous! There are so many great romances out there and I just love reading their stories. This post will focus on my top 5 but there are so many more out there! Do you agree with by choices or are they any you would add/change?


Feyre and Rhys – ACOTAR by Sarah J Maas

I’ll admit I was full on Feyre and Tamilin in book one of this series but that changes quickly in book two. Rhysand is one of my all time fave book boyfriends. I love the relationship between him and Feyre, the respect they have for each other and I felt the fact that they were mates was so obvious. These two are a pair I will never get sick of reading about, although I am looking forward to the next few novels in the Universe being based on other couples.


Vhalla and Aldrick – Air Awakens Series by Elise Kova

The will they wont they relationship between these two nearly killed me! Although I loved Daniel I always wanted Vhalla to end up with Aldrick, even if sometimes I wasnt sure whether he was actually on the right side. I binge read this series in a week and I’m eagerly anticipation Kova’s next few novels based in this universe.


Amani and Jin – Rebel in the Sands trilogy by Alwyn Hamilton

If you havent read Alwyn Hamiltons Rebel of the Sands trilogy you need to add it to your TBR asap! This is one of my all time favourite series and the relationship between Amani and Jin definitely helped. When they were separated in book two I was so anxious, I wouldnt have been able to cope if they had let Amani fall for anyone else. I was on edge for the whole last book thinking she was going to kill one of them off … but I guess you’re going to have to read the series yourself to find out!


Aelin and Rowan – TOG by Sarah J Maas

Sarah writes such great relationships, and although Aelin had a few relationships before Rowan; Sam, Dorian and Chaol, you knew pretty early after they had met that he would be the one.  Empire of storms left me emotionally broken and if she kills either of them off in the last book I don’t think I’ll survive.


Audrey Rose and Thomas – Stalking Jack the Ripper series by Kerri Maniscalco

This is such a great series and the major selling point for me is the relationship between Audrey Rose and Thomas. Set in the early 1900’s they are a couple ahead of their time, both in their personal and professional lives. I love the hidden kisses they share, scandalous at the time, and how they rely solely on each other to make it through each case. I’ve recently read and reviewed Escaping Houdini the 3rd book in the series and you can find it here.


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