Topic Tuesday! Favourite book covers!

We’ve all heard the old saying ‘ don’t judge a book by its cover’ but I will admit that a book cover plays a massive part in me picking up a book or not. Most publishers have picked up on this now and some of the covers being released are absolutely gorgeous. Here are a few of my favourite’s!


I 😍 both of these covers, the first with much more detail and hints for whats inside and the second so simple and natural which fits in so well with the story! This is also a fantastic read and I cant wait to get the sequel.


I can see a theme starting here! I do love Fairytale retelling cover’s they’re always to beautifully drawn and designed and remind me of classic book covers like Jane Austen and Jules Verne!

A Darker Shade final for Irene

I love this version of the ADSOM series covers and wish they were available in Paperback in the UK. Kell stepping from London to London and his famous coat! Great detailing and such a striking cover!

These are definitely some of my faves but if I had to list them all we would be here for a while! What are some of your favourite Book Covers?


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