Topic Tuesday! Instant pick-up Authors

So! I have decided to do a topic Tuesday. The topics will be quite vague such as “top 3 books that made you cry” and “Favourite literary couples” so will be open to all genres. If you’re interested in joining along let me know and I will create a page with a months worth of topics.

This Tuesdays Topic is Authors whose books you auto buy based on previous books you’ve read. I didn’t realise how many authors I love so I’ve had to narrow this down by Genre as the list was slightly longer than I expected it to be!

Who are your instant pick up authors? Are they all one genre or spread out like mine?



Sebastien De Castell – De Castell’s Greatcoats series is one of my all time favourite’s. He writes with hilarious wit and his characters are brilliantly written! If you love swashbuckling adventure with a bit of magic involved these are the books for you. I have already added his Spellsinger series to my TBR pile.

Ben Aaronovitch – I picked up Ben’s Rivers of London when I saw it described as ” Harry Potter meets the Bill” and I wasn’t disappointed. Peter is a fantastic character who is immensely relatable. After reading the first in the series I instantly went out and bought the next 5 trusting him not to let me down and he hasn’t yet!



Sarah J Maas – I first started Sarah’s TOG series and fell in love with both the world and characters that were created. Although not finding the blurb for ACOTAR as interesting I still bought it based on the previous books I had read and if anything I enjoyed the series more! Sarah’s descriptions are so in depth that you almost believe Prythian exists. I’ve already ordered her book for the DC universe series “Catwoman: Soulstealer” and I wont be hesitant to pick up anything she writes in the future.

Leigh Bardugo – Leigh’s Grishaverse is a world I could enter into again and again. Though both books are set in the same universe and do have some character overlaps they are completely different stories, and I loved them both. Leigh writes the world masterfully and with SOC’s Ketterdam being based on Amsterdam you feel it is only a short plane ride away. I have already pre-ordered King of Scars, her next book based on Prince Nickolai and I cant wait to dig in.



Jill Mansell – I will openly admit to not being a fan of romantic fiction, and it is certainly not a genre that I would pick up myself. However, I was going through a bit of a reading slump and couldn’t finish a book at all, so my friend gave me a book called “Sheer Mischief.” After her imploring with me to at least try it I went to bed and started reading… and finished it 5 hours later!

The best way I can describe Jill’s books are Rom Com’s in book form. Her characters are written to perfection and I love that she generally has main characters that are more size 14 than size 8, definitely makes her books more relatable to me, she writes books set in places that are easily visitable and not only do you want to visit but with most of the books you want to move there. After reading sheer mischief I went on a huge book haul and bought as many of her book’s I could find, and im still buying them to this day! Even if you not a romantic fiction fan I would highly recommend Jill’s Novels.



Jeffrey Deaver – I picked up Deaver’s Bone collector from a charity shop and read it in one sitting. These are without a doubt my favourite crime books, I love how in depth the plots are, and how he delves into the nitty gritty science behind solving crimes. Not only have I devoured his Lincoln Rhyme series but also his Katheryn Dance and all his stand alone novels too.  I’ve yet to be let down by one of his novels and so he is an instant pick up for me every time.

Linda Fairstein – I love the Alex Cooper series by Linda Fairstain and I think its made all the more believable by the fact that she has based the books loosely on her time as a former prosecutor of crimes and violence against women. Each novel is centered around an area, Building or part of history of New York and I find myself learning multiple things in each book. She has some great characters and a strong female lead which I love.



Gillian Flynn – The first Flynn novel I picked up was Gone Girl wanting to read it before the film came out, and after finishing it I instantly downloaded the rest of her books. Though not for the faint-hearted these books are full of twists and turns, with truly evil characters and strong, but flawed, female leads. Sharp Objects is possibly my favourite of Flynns works and I am eagerly awaiting the Sky production starting this month.



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