I’m going on an adventure!

Thanks for joining me. After years of reading blogs I’ve decided to start my own! Here’s a little bit about me:

My names becky and I’m 28 years old (closer to 30 than I’d like)

I’ve been an avid reader for as long as I can remember starting with Roald Dahl and Jacqueline Wilson, growing up with Harry and the rest of Hogwarts through to reading To Kill a Mockingbird for the first time at 13.

I like quite a variety of books from romance to thriller, science fiction, fantasy, classics and more recently I’ve jumped on the YA bandwagon.

Some of my favourite authors are: Jane Austen, Jules Verne, Michael Crichton, Jeffrey Deaver, Jill Mansell, V E Schwab, Sarah J Maas and Leigh Bardugo.

This blog will mainly have reviews of books, some recently release and others that have been around for a while from a variety of genres.

The secret to getting ahead it getting started – Mark Twain


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